Flatout at the Table: Board Game Design Talk

[PIP #016] - Assembling Ghosts w/ Janice Turner

June 22, 2019

On Today’s episode, we catch up with Janice Turner of Wren Games! By day, Janice is a product and project manager with a background in physics and engineering. We get the lowdown on Janice’s origins as a designer, her process, and her newest game Sensor Ghosts, which is on Kickstarter now!

We talk about:

CD Adventure, Pandemic, Flashpoint, dreaming up concepts, finding ways to fit in time for design, designing short games, intuitive rules, Kickstarter sounds, the terrifying nature of putting your stuff out there, overcoming the alpha gamer, communication limitations, balancing for player count, figuring out which rules to play with and which to ignore, and memory in games.

You can check out Sensor Ghosts here:

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